Get The Facts on Driving Electric


Get the Facts on Driving Electric

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Learn the Benefits of Driving Electric

Driving an electric vehicle is a new experience for most, so we know you might have some questions about how they work. Whether you’re looking for a zero emission fully electric vehicle or the flexibility that comes with a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, we’ll help you determine which one best fits your life. Click on the icons below to see the many ways that driving electric can save you money, upgrade your driving experience, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Save money—upfront off your purchase cost and over the life of your vehicle

Did you know EVs can lower your total cost of owning a car? Get all your cost-related EV questions answered here, including information about the tax credits that all Coloradans are eligible for! Learn more about how much you can save by driving electric. 

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Conveniently charge at home or on the go!

Whether you use a regular 3-pronged electrical plug or a Level 2 charging plug, you can’t beat the convenience of charging your electric vehicle at home or at work. It’s just like plugging in your cell phone! And with over 4,800 charging plugs across the state, including hundreds of DC fast chargers, you’re never too far from a charge when you need to “top off” on the go. Learn more about the convenience of driving electric!

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Help reduce our transportation emissions

We’ve all seen it—the smog that builds up and blurs our view of the landscape and dulls our bluebird skies. But for many of us, there’s something we can do about it. With the transportation sector making up the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Colorado and passenger vehicles producing the majority of those emissions, driving an electric vehicle is one of the most important things we as individuals can do to make a positive impact towards reducing our air pollution. Learn more about the benefits that driving an electric vehicle has on the environment.

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There’s an EV for you

Whether you’re looking for a truck to haul your gear, a full-sized SUV with three rows for your family, or a sporty hatchback or crossover for that next camping trip with friends, there’s an electric vehicle out there today for you. Learn more about your EV options, including the difference between all-electric and plug-in hybrid EVs, and many of the great features available like towing capacity and all-wheel drive.

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A better drive

All it takes is one test drive to see why electric vehicles make for a better driving experience!

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