Get The Facts on Driving Electric


A Better Drive


A Better Drive

All it takes is one test drive to see why EVs make for a better driving experience!


A Quieter Ride

Do you hear that? We don’t either. Due to the lack of a gas engine and fewer moving parts, fully electric vehicles make for a quieter ride than your typical gas-powered car. At low speeds, they’re almost fully silent. But what if you like a little bit of engine noise? Some EVs come with artificial engine noise that you can turn on to preserve that roar of your acceleration. Peace and quiet or “engine” roar—have it your way.

An image of a car from the back seat, seeing the driver's console and a driver through the rearview mirror.
A person sticking their hand out of the sunroof as they drive.

Full Torque For Faster Acceleration

One of the first things you’ll notice when you get behind the wheel of an EV is the instant full torque, giving you acceleration that’ll make you think you’re driving a supercar. And the best part is that this feature comes standard on fully electric vehicles. Many EVs, like the BMW i4 or the Porsche Taycan can accelerate from 0-60 in 5 seconds or less.


Regenerative Braking and One Pedal Driving

Electric vehicles have a regenerative braking system to complement the “traditional,” mechanical brake. As its name implies, regenerative braking takes that kinetic energy that is produced when slowing down and redirects it back into an EV’s battery, recharging it and increasing your range. Regenerative braking kicks in as soon as you lift your foot off the accelerator, slowing your vehicle down and creating a one-pedal driving experience.

  • 70% energy recovery

    Regenerative braking can recover up to 70% of the kinetic energy normally lost during mechanical braking.
  • Hundreds of miles recovered

    Over a year, regenerative braking can recover hundreds of miles of range, lessening the amount of time you need to plug in for a charge.
  • Longer lasting brakes

    Many EV drivers find that their mechanical brakes last a lot longer than they would in a gas-powered car because regenerative braking reduces the need to use them.

State of the Art Technology

Electric vehicles are the ultimate smart car, adding new conveniences to your life. While individual features will vary depending on the vehicle you choose, many EVs allow you to:

  • Use your phone as the keys—never misplace them again!
  • Set a schedule to choose what time you want to start charging your EV or schedule when you want your charging to end.

  • Pre-set your interior temperature remotely—perfect for cold, snowy days or hot, sweaty ones—no more engine idling.
  • Find public charging stations using your EV’s navigation system and automatically route to one when the vehicle senses you need a charge.